Venture Beyond

We invest in fast growing, disruptive consumer companies 
and back passionate entrepreneurs.


Venture BEYOND Capital (VENBEYCAP)

 is a portfolio of businesses and investments built and cultivated by entrepreneur and Investor Courtney Jordan.



We target management buyouts and growth capital investments across North America and Europe in the consumer, business services, and technology sectors.


Major Investments
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OUr Companies

We chase big ideas with bold, creative actions. We know that if we work hard enough, and we truly believe in our vision, there is no way it won’t come true. We aren’t afraid to do the things that nobody thinks are possible.

Igniting passion


Create ideas, assemble teams.

We continuously develop ideas for new businesses, with focus on innovation, disruptive business models, and consumer experience enhancement.

Once an idea is defined, we partner with entrepreneurs and CEOs, to build a management team and launch.

Build the business.

We have a world-class execution team. Our proprietary approach and toolkit enable us to launch a new company in a few months.

We quickly provide relevant expertise and targeted investment, resulting in a highly-accelerated business growth.

Scale globally.

Our focus is solely on global reach. We have extensive international experience from more than 50 companies – from large corporates to new ventures.

We know how to run complex supply chains and cross-country operations in the most efficient manner.

A Founder First, an Investor Second

Venture Beyond is the management and holding company for brands started and acquired by Courtney Jordan. Venture Beyond seeks out innovators, renegades and disruptors at the pre-seed stage. Our goal is to add value from day one, not just capital. We are successful if our founders are successful. We will do anything in our power to make that happen.

Structured approach

We have developed a structured approach to setting up and scaling a new business, through deployment of standardized processes. Every startup launch is run like a McKinsey project – in a fast-paced environment and by dedicated teams with strong problem-solving toolkit.

Outstanding drive and energy

We instill the culture of going the extra mile in everything we do, at all times. From designing a brand identity to improving a manufacturing process – we take great care to create outstanding products and customer experiences, both physically and online.

Founders Fully Backed

We’re not back seat drivers.
We invest with our sleeves rolled up.

There’s no them and us.
Our founders are our peers.

We reject the status quo in VC.
Teams deserve more than just capital.

Incredible humans. The world is built by those who achieve seemingly impossible milestones.

Seed. As seed stage founders you face specific challenges – we’re built to help you tackle them.


Culturally Diverse

Global Matters

Joining a global family gives you the network to win in new markets.

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